Executive & Physician Recruitment Consulting Services

Our Values: We uphold integrity, collaboration and transparency in all of our client relationships. We make our clients successful through operational excellence, sound strategy execution and by delivering targeted, high value services.
Cruz Consulting Group: Healthcare Consulting, Executive, Physician Recruitment Consulting

External Recruiting

The Cruz Consulting Group provides custom, full-cycle executive, physician leader and physician recruitment services to large and small healthcare organizations to identify and sign exceptional physicians for your healthcare organization or facility.

What sets CCG apart is our proven track record of recruiting top candidates combined with our successful experience retaining new hire executives, physician leaders and physicians.

After conducting an assessment, we outline a recruitment plan that includes marketing and outreach tactics. We implement the plan by sourcing, matching, screening, interviewing and vetting candidates on your behalf. Coordinating candidate visits and scheduling interviews, we orient clients and candidates about the recruitment process, furnishing timely status updates.

We close with each candidate by determining client interest, position fit, organizational value alignment and salary expectations. For best fit candidates, we assist you with the contracting process, drafting the contract and letter of intent.

Internal Recruiting

Partnering with our clients, we also deliver tailored services to help you build, improve and internalize your recruitment operations and infrastructure to ignite recruitment success. We build capacity by hiring, training and coaching recruitment staff, producing a first-class department. We recommend CRM solutions for candidate tracking and supply compensation consulting using Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) benchmarks that incorporate fair market value to attract physician candidates.

We assist you in developing and deploying retention strategies, helping ensure new hire satisfaction to reduce costly turnover.

Summary of Executive & Physician Recruitment Consulting Services:


  • Hiring assessment & strategy development
  • Job description preparation
  • Hiring process coordination
  • Outreach campaign execution
  • Sourcing & vetting
  • Interviewing
  • Compensation consulting
  • Closing
  • Candidate recruitment process evaluation
  • New hire retention and satisfaction strategy implementation


  • Build or improve internal recruitment program/function
  • Recommend a CRM for candidate pipeline tracking
  • Team building
  • Produce recruitment staff job descriptions
  • Outline recruitment staff career paths
  • Hire, train & coach staff