Healthcare Consulting Services

Our Values: We uphold integrity, collaboration and transparency in all of our client relationships. We make our clients successful through operational excellence, sound strategy execution and by delivering targeted, high value services.
Cruz Consulting Group: Healthcare Consulting, Executive, Physician Recruitment Consulting We offer a portfolio of innovative healthcare consulting services either directly or through association with notable partner firms and consultants to satisfy your strategic healthcare infrastructure development needs.

We begin our work by completing a comprehensive assessment. We then create a strategy and plan, bring forward multiple solutions and team synergistically with you to drive outstanding results.

Due to healthcare reform (The Affordable Care Act), there is a growing need and competition for top tier physician leaders to fill new openings and primary care and specialty physicians to expand the workforce. We prepare our clients and help them: implement medical group service line development (workforce expansion), execute practice acquisition and retention, and grow their medical groups and physician networks.

Our five key consulting services include:

  1. Physician community needs assessments (physician-to-population modeling)
  2. Performing outreach to solo and small group practices to satisfy workforce and community needs
  3. Negotiating with medical groups and physician networks to continue engagement
  4. Conducting due diligence prior to medical group and physician network purchase
  5. Surveying physicians and physician leaders to assess organizational satisfaction

In addition, we also deliver meeting and retreat facilitation, SWOT analysis and business planning services.

Summary of Healthcare Consulting Services:

  • Physician hiring strategy & implementation
  • SWOT analysis and business planning
  • Medical group service line (workforce planning) outreach & development
  • Physician community needs assessments
  • Practice acquisition or merger including due diligence
  • Medical group/physician network retention
  • Physician and physician leader satisfaction assessment
  • Group & retreat facilitation